Your safety is one of our main priorities. We would like to get your individual data in order to keep you in the optimal and rapid up-keeping while all your data are secure within our company. Our team doesn’t confide your personal details with anybody else. 

Callers Data 

With enhancing our work and offices on our mind, we see after our callers and gather their data, including the Internet Protocol and the state they sign on from. It lets us find out the states and all callers who take maximum interest in our offices and web-resource. 

For what we apply your data 

 Your data are applied by our crew exceptionally. We also apply the email of yours for providing you with new special characteristics of our web-service and about marketing and bargains we propose from time to time to assist you with questions if you get in touch with our maintenance personnel. We do our best to store your data in safety within our company exceptionally. 

 Technical works 

From time to time our web-service may be under mending for modernizing or optimization purposes. Still, the mending period is normally within an hour and doesn’t happen more often than twice a year. Should you are in need of assistance from our side, you are to get in touch with us by writing to support@accountfortnite.com 

Privacy Policy Amendments 

 We are entitled to amend our privacy policy any day now, so you ought to read it as often as possible. As soon as amendments and elaborations appear on the web-resource, they come into operation. Should we amend our policy in a material way, we will let you know that it was amended. In this way, you will be aware of the data we gather, the way we apply them, and upon what conditions, if there are any, we apply and/or give them to the public. Should our company is bought or incorporated with other firm, your data are to be given to the new holders for us to be able to keep realizing merchandise to you. 


 We have a right to publicize your personal details on condition of us being demanded to do it statutorily or if you offend our Terms of Service. 


 For keeping your data under protection, we make corresponding provisions and meet the most authoritative sphere recommendations to be confident of the data not being improperly disappeared, abused, obtained, published, amended or deleted. In case we have the data of your credit card, the data are encoded through secure socket layer technology (SSL) and kept via AES-256 encoding. Despite the fact that all ways of communication of data through the World Wide Web or digital warehouse are not completely safe, we adhere to PCI-DSS demands and carry out supplemental established sphere rules. 

 Legal Age 

If you are on our web-service, you must be at least of legal age in your country or place of living, and it means that you provide us with your agreement to permit all your younger welfare recipients to get on this web-resource. 


You should take stock of the given Terms of Service cautiously before getting on the accountfortnite.com web-service (the “Service”). 

Accountfortnite.com is a platform, which offers the graded Fortnite profiles. The acquisition and trading of Fortnite profile is contrary to EpicGames TOS. You take the overall responsibility of buying a profile. In case EpicGames puts bounds to or cancels your profile, accountfortnite.com will merely substitute or recompense the profile if you have a two-week assurance. If you are not within this term, we will recompense or substitute any profiles in connection with EpicGames intrusion. 


The goods are dispatched within the shortest possible time through e-mail (the e-address that is registered by the consumer on the web-service) after handing of assignment. The assessed time of conveyance is from one minute to day and night from the moment of placing the order on the web-site. Let us know if the assignment conveyance is performed after the above-mentioned period. 


 As soon as the profile data have been dispatched or your bought period are over, all trading is finished. We do not admit returns or give compensation if a profile or operation was not dispatched as above said. All questions doing with a profile or operation should be notified and a personnel worker advised within the shortest possible period through our contact service. 


Compensation is only possible during 90 days from the moment of acquisition if you meet any of the given terms: 

  • You have been supplied with a non-right profile erroneously.
  • The profile you purchased does not work (does not log in)
  • The profile was blocked for some reason. (not counting the client's use of prohibited modifications and cheats for the game)

We are not responsible for accounts that the client has sold or transferred to third parties for use.


Registered company name:  Paul Gorjaev
Company Business Address: BLK, 413840, Geroev 2
Contact E-mail: support@accountfortnite.com
Company’s Place of Registration: USA
Company’s Registered Number (INN): 6439211580

All images Fortnite is property  Epic Games, Inc.

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